Monday, August 26, 2013

How Is Social Media Different from Other Online Marketing Activities?

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From Tracy's Blog -
 How is social media different from other online marketing activities?

Social media is different than other online marketing activities because the purpose of it is to engage an audience – not necessarily sell to them. That comes later when you create a community of people that know you, like you, trust from you and ultimately buy from you. The other way I use social media is to drive traffic to my landing pages, so that I fill my own funnel. You have to remember that a social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter, any followers you have, aren’t yours. If Twitter wanted to close your account today, they could. So if you became dependent just on those for leads or your marketing, it is a fragile structure. It’s like building your house out of straw. Having said that, I have also never seen a greater or faster way to specifically locate and target your audience, engage them, and pull them into your own funnel – which is why it can’t be ignored as a business practice.
Tracy Repchuk
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31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles
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Tracy Repchuk is an internet marketing and social media strategist and speaker. She is a best selling author, and has been an entrepreneur since 1985 and has helped thousands of clients get their message out around the world. Tracy is an internationally acclaimed speaker and motivator in over 35 countries. She keeps audiences engaged with her ability to break down complex concepts and turn them into formula based success.

Tracy started her first software business at the age of 19 which still supports Fortune 100 companies. She has been nominated for awards such as Entrepreneur of the Year, Chamber of Commerce Business Woman of the Year, Coach of the Year and Stevie Awards for Business Mentor of the Year, received Provincial Volunteer and software development awards and has appeared in the International Who's Who in 7 categories.

She graduated in Business Computer Systems, and went on to receive a Certified Management Accountants designation. In 2007 Tracy won "New Internet Marketing Success of the Year" from the World Internet Summit and catapulted into success with her best selling book, speaking engagements, and extensive internet experience in web development, software integration and marketing since 1996.
Tracy specializes in online marketing campaigns that build a cohesive corporate or personal brand using an integrated web strategy that helps you attract more leads, get more clients and make more money. Her solutions are done with marketing and results in mind. In addition she has appeared on TV: ABC7, NBC, King5, 7 For Your Money, 4 On Your Side, WBZ, Report on Business Television, CTV news, USA Today, Radio, magazine, newspaper and her work has appeared in over 50 publications including 2 motivational movies.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Weird Dreams

When you are dreaming and you know you are dreaming, then that is called a lucid dream.  You often have control of the dream and can force yourself to wake up if it gets out of hand.  The other night I had such a dream, well more of a nightmare actually.  It did involve zombies but that's all I remember.  That and the soft hoarse scary voice that seemed to be talking throughout the dream.  The voice freaked me out more than the zombies did.  But there was a point when in my dream I said to myself, "You are dreaming.  This is only a dream.  You can wake up and get out of it when you choose."  And then I physically forced myself to wake up and leave the dream.  Quite bizarre.  Something like that has never happened to me before.
Last night I had a similar kind of experience.  It wasn't a scary dream at all like the previous one, but I was aware I was dreaming and in my dream I said to myself, "This is a dream.  Remember it as there's a message in it."
So this morning I feel compelled to blog about my dream I had last night.  What the message is, is beyond me.  I am not a dream-analyser.  The dream went like this.  I had a small mouse which I put in a large cage.  Not your average sort of cage, it was like one at a zoo that they keep larger animals in.  I found a baby animal which I thought at first was a large mouse, so I put it in the cage with the mouse.  The animal grew over time and turned into a raccoon.  I used to talk with these animals and they used to talk with me.  Strange but hey, this is just a dream.  The raccoon grew bigger and I would catch it staring at the mouse and looking at the mouse as if the mouse could be its next meal.  I kept telling the raccoon off, but it would keep staring at the mouse.  Eventually I told the raccoon I could no longer trust it so I would have to release it into the wild, which I did.  The raccoon went off and found the wild wasn't so great.  It couldn't find food and bigger animals tried to kill it so it came back and begged to be allowed back into the cage with the mouse, promising to be a strict vegetarian from now on and never look at the mouse again as a potential meal.  So I let it back in and then a mystery voice said, "There is a moral to this story."
Blow me down sideways, I don't know what it is.
Do you have any ideas?
Sigmund Freud's theory was that your dreams are an expression of what you're repressing during the time you are awake. And Carl Jung believed that dreams provide messages about "lost" or "neglected" parts of ourselves that need to be reintegrated.  This dream must be trying to tell me something.
Cindy Vine is the author of 'Not Telling' and 'Defective' available as paperbacks or kindle on Amazon.