Sunday, April 12, 2009

My sausage machine has packed up!

And, am I devastated, no, just a little annoyed. Actually, more than annoyed. Made in China should come with hazard warnings for the mental anguish it causes. My one month old dvd player packed up last week. This is now the third dvd player in as many years. In a way, I'm relieved my sausage machine has broken down because I am a little sick of spending weekends making sausages. But I am still annoyed. Ah, conflicting emotions.

Well, my one week's holiday has come and gone. I didn't achieve a quarter of what I wanted to achieve, But, have packed 6 boxes, read 2 books and written about 4 articles, oh, and climbed down Purple Mountain, and made 10kg of sausages, the last 5kg with the old hand machine that takes forever and kills my back.

Happy Easter. My first Easter holiday in 4 years. First time school holidays coincided with Easter. But of course, no Easter eggs here. Just very expensive imported German ones at the Metro. I made my own hot cross buns which were delicious and toasted some in the oven this morning.

Ah, Happy Days, Siobhan is stomping around because the ayi has emptied out her school bag and she can't find anything. Shouting at me won't get her anywhere as I have no clue where her school stuff is. And, if I tell her that she shouldn't have left it lying around and also shouldn't have waited until 10.32pm to get ready for school the next day, it'll go down like a lead balloon.

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Alison said...

Hey Cindy, Alison here, [Hawkesdream]
They say that things go wrong in threes, don't wish bad luck on you, just watch out. lol

Cindy Vine said...

Hi Alison. think the third thing could have been my son's shoulder or the picnic yesterday!

Alison said...

Well painful as your sons shoulder must be and I do wish him well, Good luck is now on its way..what with your book finished and up for sale and the technology to have a WEBSITE, heck ,have had so much info thrown at me over the past twelve months, it's entirely possible that I know less now than when I started..haha lol. Congratulations on your successes.

Cindy Vine said...

Thanks Alison! The shoulder is much better now!