Sunday, August 22, 2010

Good wine, good food, good friends

Sometimes we just have to take time out of our busy lives and relax a little, socialise with good friends.  I often find it difficult to go out, I think I'm a closet agoraphobic, but when I'm home and settled into doing something, I find it really hard to stop what I'm doing and go out.  Maybe, it's something to do with my shoes.  When I take my shoes off the minute I walk through my door, I'm loathe to put them back on again except when I have to leave for work in the morning.  So, I blame my agoraphobia on my shoes.
Anyway, yesterday evening, after standing making sausages for about four hours, I ventured out to a friend's BBQ.  I had to make a conscious effort to go out, but I'm pleased I did.  Because once I was there, I enjoyed the company of my friends.  Alistair and his wife Kate put on a splendid BBQ, I took them some of my freshly made sausages, there was heaps of good bottles of South african wine, great conversation.  I had a ball.
I guess, it's all about leaving your comfort zone.  Many of us are too scared to leave our comfort zone and try something different.  Once we remove our shoes and settle down on the sofa, that is it for us.  But once we make the effort, put on our shoes and leave that zone, we often have a pleasant surprise and are shocked with ourselves that we even contemplated not leaving the house.
So my message to all of you out there, is make a conscious effort to do something out of the ordinary this week.  Take the plunge, leave your comfort zone.  Do something different.  Otherwise, you might regret missing out on a good evening with good wine, good food and good friends!
Have a great week!

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