Friday, August 17, 2012

Words can't bring us down

Christina Aguilera sang that in her song Beautiful.  Those lyrics came to mind when I was feeling down and sick last week when I was hit with yet another health issue.  Breast cellulitis and MRSA.  I found I could escape my life by devouring words in the books on my Kindle.  It made what I was going through more bearable.  And then without distractions, kept in solitary because of the MRSA, I could write to my heart's content.  Words saved me.  We take being able to read and write for granted.  There are still many in this world who have not had the luxury of being able to go to school to learn to read and write.  For them there is no escape from their lives.  They can't rely on words to take them away to a different place.  How sad is that?
When life is giving you lemons, forget about making lemonade.  Grab a book and read.  Escape.


J'aime Rubio, Author said...

Cindy this was inspiring and so thought provoking. We truly do take for granted the educations we are given growing up. The ability to read or write and for us writers the ability to freely express thought with the written word. What a virtual prison it must be for the ones never given the chance, and unable to understand, recognize and express their words and thoughts onto the page. Thank you for reminding me how lucky we truly are! And please get better soon...we love you!!!

Cindy Vine said...

Can you imagine having poetry in your head and no way to get it out?