Saturday, September 13, 2014

Standing at the Crossroads

Life is a network of paths.  Some lead you in the right direction and others turn into detours that take you way off tack.  There are occasions when you get a little lost and you waste a lot of valuable time trying to find the right path again.  But is there a right path?  How do you know if the path you chose is the right one?  You just have to stumble around in the dark side-stepping the thorny branches and pray like mad that you are heading in the right direction.  Hoping against all hope that there isn't a big boulder blocking your way, or sharp stones that might trip you up.  Navigating life's network of paths isn't easy.  Every now and then you hit a crossroads.  Left, right or straight ahead?  It might take months or even years to know if you chose the right direction.
Having been teaching for 28 years I am now at a crossroads.
Writing is a passion and I could try and do it full time.  There are always jobs going for teachers but is that what I want to do?  Then there is the idea of starting my own business, an educational consultancy where I can put all the experience I have gained working internationally to work.  But starting a business is a risk and I have financial commitments.
My life has shown that I am not scared of taking risks.  I have often opted for the road less traveled.  Sometimes it has turned out to be a good choice and other times there has been a huge crocodile waiting to devour me with a quick snap of its jaws.  So this time I am trying to do it right and arm myself beforehand with weapons to knock the crocodile off the path if it suddenly appears and tries to block my way.
But am I choosing the right path?
The unknown can be frightening.  It can also give you the best adrenalin rush ever.  Which would be good if I was an adrenalin-junkie which I am not.
Previously I've put on a blindfold and have headed down the path blind to all the dangers lurking around me.  Oblivion can be a good thing.  If you don't know what can stop you then you can soldier on.  Well in theory anyway.  Because when you can't see the boulder in the path you walk into it headlong and knock yourself unconscious, and end up lying in the dirt waiting to be rescued.
This time I want to be prepared.  No blindfold.  I want to see where I am going.  I want peripheral vision.  Throw me a pair of night goggles.  I am going to take on the crossroads and not be indecisive.  No 'what if' and 'should I' for me.
My mantra is going to be LET"S DO THIS.  So I am making a choice.  I am heading in a different direction.  My head is full of plans, brain cells are popping, creative juices flowing.  Bring it on!
Cindy Vine currently lives and works in Ukraine and is the author of The Case of Billy B, Not Telling, Defective, C U @ 8 and Hush Baby.  All her books are available on Amazon in both print and kindle format.

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