Sunday, February 10, 2019

Why you need a Bucket List

Not everybody has a life that is perfect all the time.  Most people have a life full of ups and downs - a bit like a roller-coaster.  When you are on the down part it is easy to get depressed and fall into a funk.  A bucket list can move you out of that dark place.
A bucket list is a list of things you'd like to do before you die, or kick the bucket.
We all have dreams and goals.  We just don't write them down.  Sometimes we store them in some obscure part of our brain.  Most of the time, those dreams and goals gather cobwebs as we push them further and further away.  If we are not careful they will become out of sight, out of mind.  Writing them down brings them to the fore.
Granted, not all dreams are achievable, but many are doable.  The doable ones, write down on your bucket list and then make a plan to start ticking them off your list.  Planning to achieve and complete items on your bucket list is certain to get you out of the funk as it gives you a purpose.  Something to work towards.  A reward to celebrate the journey.
For me a bucket list is all about keeping my spirit of adventure alive.  I want my gravestone to read "She lived her life to the fullest."  I want to experience as much as possible and make as many memories as I can to savor and ruminate over when I am too old and frail to do anything.  And then of course, I might go before I get old and frail.  You just never know.  So, I have to try and do as much as possible before my time is up.
My bucket list gives me hope as well as happiness.  If I find myself feeling down, I will focus on my bucket list and start to get excited.  What should I do next?
For every item I tick off, I think of a new one to replace it with.  So my bucket list is continually evolving.
I have a few bucket list items coming up soon that I will be able to tick off my list.  What can I replace them with?  I feel happy just imagining what I can do next.
Cindy Vine is a South African currently living in Norway.  Besides ticking items off her bucket list, she is the author of The Freedom Club, Defective, Hush Baby, CU@8 and others.  Her books are all available on in both ebook and paperback formats.

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