Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Musings from a Train

For someone who enjoys writing, it never ceases to amaze me how little I do of it.  To be sure, I spend all of my work week writing but that doesn't count as it isn't fun. It's work.  As I walk to work in the mornings, I often write blog posts in my head.  The problem is, is that is where they stay.  Buried somewhere in my head, shelved for another day, another time.  A time that never seems to come and that is sad.
This morning I am on a train to Oslo to go and pick up my passport from the Japanese Embassy.  It is almost holiday time again and I realised with horror I might add, that the last time I updated my blog was the last time I was on holiday.  Each time I update my blog I promise to keep up and update it weekly.  Then work happens, new TV series happen and I get so distracted writing doesn't happen.
I have to be better.
I have to be more disciplined.
This train journey is good for me.  It's giving me time to refocus.  I sit here in a crowded train, everybody in their own bubble, and I'm desperately trying to dig into my subconscious to retireve those good blog ideas.  Alas, they are buried in a trash heap of half-baked thoughts and plans for the future.  They are as good as lost.  Sad but true.  At the time some of those ideas seemed brilliant.
I know I am waffling on.  I guess that's what happenes when you start your day with a 2 hour train journey just to collect a passport from an embassy.
Amazing how may people travel through to Oslo for work each day.  Who would have thought.  Standing room is even full.  Thank goodness the train was relatively empty when I boarded.
Death is on my mind quite a lot lately as people I know are dying.  There's so much I still want to do, I am so afraid my time will come and I won't have done it.  Like the rest of this blog post.
As a train rushes by stopping briefly at the odd station, so our life rushes by.  Before we know it we are at the end of our journey, our final destination.  Sobering thoughts on a train trip.
Next stop is Oslo Central Station.  My stop.
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