Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am so over China

In retrospect, I think it's the hoiking that has got to me. Last night, sitting in a really nice Italian restaurant in Nanjing, while about to deposit some delicious risotto into my mouth, some Chinese guy at the table next to ours hoiked loudly and then spat his globules of mucousy phlegm into the ashtray on his table. And this happened, not just the once, but three times during the meal. Each time just as I was about to put food into my mouth. I ask you, is this normal in any culture? To sit in a smart restaurant and hoik and spit into the ashtray when people are trying to eat? The sound effects alone of the hoiking are enough to put anyone off. I am so over China and am on a countdown until I leave!

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Anonymous said...

Well, unfortunalty, African American males do the same here in Washington DC.
Usually this takes place only while walking on the street, but one never knows what goes on where these idiots are otherwise. Typically, the culprits are 30+, so maybe the younglings figured it out??!!
[Koreans also are guilty, Male and female with 'all-aged' cuprits.]
No Matter who, where , or why, this is a dangerous, disgusting, and distirbing practice bathed in the ignorance of the cultures that raises these 'boys'. -Tree