Sunday, March 1, 2009

Good days and bad days

Life is full of ups and downs, good days and bad days. We always hope we have more good days than bad days. This week passed in a flash, with us having to do more and more paperwork. But, I managed to fit in a scrabble night with friends. We play this different kind of scrabble called Speed Scrabble and another one called Grabby Scrabble. great fun, both of them, you don't use a board like normal. I have to try and be modest but okay, I rock at scrabble.
Friday night was Vicki's birthday and celebration of her resignation from her tenure in Australia at the Irish Pub. Seem to be making a habit of that one! At least I got home at a reasonable hour, midnight.
Saturday night was the first ever Progressive Dinner in our compound. A great success, thank God. I proclaimed myself the Social Committee at the start of the school year in an attempt to raise staff morale year. Last school year was so dead and many teachers complained that our school was sterile, dead and had no soul. So, ever the organiser, I've been organising pub quizzes and all kinds of social functions, the Progressive Dinner being the latest.
I got home at 11.30pm and then proceeded to watch rugby on the macbook until 3.30am. Jeez, sometimes I do think I'm crazy. So, was quite tired this evening and thought I'd have an early night, but guess what. Just watched Slumdog Millionaire. Now it's 11.30pm. So much for my early night.
I decided to venture into Nanjing today with my friend Janet. Spent heaps of money. Typical. Started off at caroline's furniture shop where I bought my brother the two terracotta warriors he wanted, and got a waist high one for me. Got to remember China when I go! Surprisingly enough, nobody hoiked and spat near us. Must have known I was coming!
I've written an article on my hub page you might be interested in reading. Here's the link.
Well, have to tired as but have to admit, I did it to myself.

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