Sunday, March 22, 2009

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My new craze is no longer making sausages for all and sundry. Actually, I'm tired of making sausages. I think the 30kg I had to make for this weekend's Charity World Cup in Nanjing Football Day killed it for me. Mind you, ton be honest, I haven't been very keen to get back into sausage-making since I got back from my Christmas holiday. My new craze, is writing hubs (articles) on a website called Hub Pages. I even stayed home and didn't get round to go to a great party last night as I wanted to work on a hub about our holiday in Goa. I think I am addicted. I always wondered if I wasn't slightly obsessive compulsive with traces of an addictive personality.

But, I really should be working on writing my book. Oh well, back to my Hub Pages Articles. Last week my article about living as an expat in China was voted the top article for the week. This week my article about traveling cheaply through South East Asia has been nominated. . Please vote for me again! I'll give you the link.
My article up for nomination this week was reviewed along with the other 9 nominated. This is what the review guy said.
How to enjoy a holiday in South East Asia with very little money

Writing - Wonderful writing. There were a few (and I mean very few) errors, which were easy to overlook, considering the overall success of the piece. There was a certain wit and humor throughout the piece that made it an absolute pleasure to read and that I believe very few authors would be capable of delivering. There is an intimate aspect accomplished through the author's relating of familial moments that really give this work a cozy feel. The writing is fluid and appealing and really brings you in.

Content - Absolutely bursting with substance! Between the almost 80 photographs and their descriptions, and the richness and detail of the author's narrative, one finds a varitable cornucopia of cultural information. For anyone planning a trip to the areas described, this piece would be an absolute treasure. I really appreciated the detailed captions for each of the pictures. I really felt as though I was right there, in the boats and the bars, just soaking up the local squalor and scenery. Magnificent.


So, there you have it. I read each one, all the way through and I feel like a better person for it. My pick for #1 was a toss-up. I couldn't decide between She Always Loved Happy Endings and How to enjoy a holiday in South East Asia with very little money. I would love to say that my hub was the best of the list, but that is simply not true. Frankly, I don't think it would be in my top five. If it were strictly a funniest hub contest, maybe. Anyway, after careful consideration of how I felt reading them and which offered a richer, more satisfying experience, I have to say that How to enjoy a holiday in South East Asia with very little money is, by far, the best hub on the list. It was written by cindyvine. You can find more by cindyvine here Please vote for your favorite HubNugget nominee here

Have to admit, when I read that review I actually blushed and it made me feel good. Really made my day. So, please vote for my hub! (You can even read it if you want!)



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