Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Book Trailer that will make you smile!

Siobhan is very sneaky.  She should have been punished but instead I confiscated her video footage and decided to use it to make a book trailer. 
I have to explain how it all happened.
She was watching music videos on Youtube on her macbook, as you do when you are a teenager.  She told me to watch one of the videos and the music was so catchy I started to dance.  Well, not quite.  More like gyrate around in my chair moving body parts randomly not always in time to the music.
Now for the sneaky part. 
The little blighter videoed me with her webcam.  The page showing my spontaneous contortions in my chair was hidden behind the Youtube video so I was completely unaware of what she was doing.
However, what a great bit of footage to use to advertise my latest self-help book, How to Say No to Sex and other Survival Tips for the Suddenly Single.  After watching me dance, I'm sure you'll agree, I definitely need as much help as I can get!
Enjoy the book trailer and hope it brings a smile to your face!

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