Thursday, April 25, 2013

Don't let life pass you by!

You never know when your life might change.  It can be all good and in one instant everything bad that can happen happens.  There are many things that we plan on doing in the future when we have time and finally get around to it.  They are sometimes things we shouldn't put off but sometimes our priorities are out of whack.  I'm not suggesting live for today and forget about tomorrow, but what I am suggesting is that we need to achieve a balance.  Prioritize your life and do some of the things you have put off for the future.  You don't want life to pass you by and regret not having done some of the things on the bucket list.
This was brought home to me when my Mom took sick last week.
Mom, here's to you recovering and getting to do all the things on your bucket list! 
Love you, Mom!

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