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How do authors choose their genre

Introducing J.M. Griffin - Mystery Writer
When I decided to take a blog tour, I wasn’t sure where I’d stop and who I’d meet. Since I’m not shy, I figured I’d make some new friends along the way, and possibly find a bunch of new readers. Thanks for having me here today to talk a while with you and your followers. It’s such a pleasure to meet you all.
It never really came to mind when I first started writing, that it would be a hard, yet joyous job. Something I was always meant to do, but took forever figuring out that I should do it. As with most crafts, (and writing is a craft, by the way), one must hone their skills, which can take a lifetime. When I first began writing, I though romance was as good a place as any to start. WRONG! There’s a theory that says “Write what you know”. Very true, by the way. I know mystery. I live, eat, sleep and breathe it. I watch it on television, at the movies, read it, talk about it in forums, etc. Yes, I should have known I ought to write mystery, but I finally figured it out and here I am, enjoying myself immensely and entertaining the public every chance I get.
Cozy mystery novels are my fave, but honestly, any mystery, other than blood and gore, will do nicely for my own personal entertainment. I do, however, like stories that make me laugh so hard that I lose my place and have to read the same paragraph two or three times. These are the type of books I enjoy writing, ones that make you smile, giggle, snort, and laugh out loud. I believe I manage to do that, at least my publisher says so. J
The Deadly Bakery series was first proposed when my publisher called and asked for a themed series of novellas. I’d been toying with the idea of a bread bakery owner who had a tiny shop, with a dragon of a landlady who was hated by most of her tenants. When she was ultimately killed, she was then left in one of their shops on the row of eight housed in an antiquated building in the historic section of Providence, Rhode Island. When the baker, her tarot reading bff, a handsome Scotsman and the other tenants get together, you can be sure there will be mayhem. Toss in a gnome-like grandmother who walks on the edge, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.
I’ve lived in Rhode Island for years, find the people here colorful, full-on characters that make a great storyline even more interesting. This is what I’ve done with this series. I’m a people watcher who scribbles notes on anything I find in my purse when something strikes my fancy. Walking through the historic district of Providence’s east side offers glimpses of stately homes from the days of shipping magnates who ran the city, along with Rhode Island School of Design, and Brown University. Both campuses abut one another, though the students couldn’t be more different no matter what. Using these areas as backdrops was fascinating and extremely enjoyable for me as a writer, though the bakery doesn’t really exist, except in my own imagination, most of the other places do.
I guess that about covers things, I hope you’ve had as good a time here today as I have. Thanks for stopping by, it’s been great to be here. You can visit my blog, and find me on Facebook and twitter, too.
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Who said life was simple, complacent, and boring?

After the man of her dreams, Scotsman Aidan Sinclair, walks into her bread shop, Melina Cameron immediately realizes her life has taken a sharp left turn.

Finding her ill-tempered landlady murdered, only complicates matters. 
Melina's seventy year old grandmother has chosen to take a walk on the wild side of life, and Detective Graham, lead investigator from the Providence Police Department, has taken a fancy to Melina. Too many issues and too little time to adjust to the implications of them all, leaves Melina floundering to keep her business, The Hole in the Wall Bakery, open and running smoothly.

Excitement and danger ramp up when a fellow tenant, in the string of shops in
Melina's building, is found murdered in the same fashion as the landlady. Who
would be cruel enough to incriminate Melina, along with her BFF and neighbor,
BettyJo Seever, in the crimes? Who's next on the killers list, and why?

The answers are beyond her reach. Melina finds she's out of her depth and drowning ever so slowly in the deaths that surround her. Can she and BettyJo prove their innocence before Detective Graham charges them both with conspiracy to commit, murder resulting?   
Will they reveal the culprit and find the proof needed to put these deaths to rest?

It's only after Aidan joins the hunt, that Melina comes face to face with the person responsible for the killings. Fearful that she's about to become victim number three, Melina takes the killer head on.

J.M. Griffin/Dana Stone grew up in rural Maine. She relocated to Rhode Island and lives in the north western part of the state with her husband and two cats. J.M.'s first published novel For Love of Livvy, began a series of humorous mysteries featuring Lavinia "Vinnie" Esposito. J.M. has also written a romance under the pseudonym Dana Stone.
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