Friday, May 23, 2014

Indian author explores the dark side of humanity

Here's a new author for those of you who are into the dark and are a little adventurous.  Kshitij is from India.  Read about his latest book, Agony, over here.

Set in a small county of Ireland, Agony depicts the struggle of Kewy, a young high school art teacher. Kewy find herself tormented by a series of haunted dreams, one connected to another. The dreams take her to a god forsaken place filled with evil and surrounded by death, fear and hopelessness. Even when she’s awake, she hears strange voices and eerie knockings at her doorstep. Things buried in her past, start communicating with her in the form of nightmares, sickening her soul and questioning her existence.
Kasper is a grocery boy who works at Finke’s- a popular shopping store in Louth. He has never seen anyone as mysterious and charming as Kewy. Einin is a catholic teen studying in Kewy’s art history class. She just needed a look on Kewy’s face to understand her agonies. Kasper and Einin, quickly become comfortable with Kewy and get involve in her problem, not knowing what they are getting into, not having the slightest idea that what waits for them in those dead woods. But as the three entered into Reinhardt County- the place from Kewy’s dream, they realize it was never about the fear and survival. The truth was earth shattering, but it becomes too late to get away from it...
KSHITIJ lives near New Delhi, India. He loves writing and reading fiction, particularly the ones that envision the dark corners of human mind. He loves travelling and exploring the cultures and people through the medium of reading, travelling and watching. He was born in 1986 in Agra.
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