Saturday, January 16, 2010

Working makes me grey

I do love my job, honest I do.  But if I was absolutely honest, I'd rather write.  My dream life, would be to stay in one place for 3 months and write, write, write and read all day long.  Take a few days off to explore and have a couple more adventures, read a bit, write some more.  Wallow around in the ocean somewhere warm like a hippo that moved from its mud puddle.  Sigh, doesn't that sound like the ideal life?  Unfortunately, a life like that costs money, and as there is no rich millionaire on the horizon, that kind of a life is a fantasy.  Oh well, guess I just have to stick to teaching and keep my writing as a hobby somewhere.
School started this week and it is actually great being back.  I love the school, the kids, and the school grounds are one of the most beautiful I've ever worked out.  The verdant greenery because of all the unseasonal rain inspires creativity.  One feels relaxed, at peace and highly creative and what more does a writer really need?  Seriously.  Okay, money would be good.
It seems like I'm now getting my books Kindle-ized.  Previously, this was an impossibility because I am not from the USA, I don't have a USA bank account or tax number.  Now, they seem to be prepared to post you a cheque.  My last royalty cheque went missing in the post, and when I queried it, it had already been cashed by whomever had intercepted my post.  Bastards!  So cheques are a little dicey.  I might still get that non-resident tax number thingie, because without it I pay 30% witholding tax on my royalties.  Yet again, bastards!  Bastards, must be my word of the day!
Tony returns to South Africa next Friday and we'll miss him.  He goes straight into a 10 week prac block at The President Hotel.  Hopefully, he'll earn lots of tips as this time he'll be waiting and working behind the bar.  No tips when he was in the kitchen!  He's started driving my car.  Not yet in traffic!  One of the parents at school was a driving instructor for the South African Army and she's been taking him for lessons.  A couple of hedges and a ditch later, but luckily he seems to have got the hang of it.  I'm still going to let him have proper lessons anyway when he gets back to Cape Town.  Riding down dirt roads with hardly any traffic and going slowly to avoid cows is a bit different to driving in a bustling city!
Siobhan is happy to be back at her school with her friends and is busy practising songs for the Variety Show in March.  She's been writing her own song as well, so we'll see. 
We finally managed to get a copy of Singh is King, the Bollywood movie that we acted in as extras when we were in Mumbai a few years ago.  Of course, they had edited me completely out of the movie, but Siobhan and Tony were very visible during their scene and both appeared numerous times.  Siobhan was so excited the first time she saw herself in the movie, that she jumped up screaming with excitement and ran straight into the door, nearly taking her eye out.  The screams of excitement quickly turned to screams of pain as Siobhan has never been one to handle pain.  We just ignored her and continued with what we were doing, as there was no blood so she wasn't dying, even though it did sound like she was.  She now sports an awesome bruise below her eyebrow which you can see in this photo. 

Friday I saw a solar eclipse for the first time.  I know that they happen, but this is the first time I've actually seen it.  It was quite amazing and spooky at the same time.  We had these special glasses that you use to look at the sun, and could clearly see the moon in front of the sun!
Well, am busy researching my new book, while I wait for the proof copy of The Case of Billy B to arrive.  My preliminary title for the new book is Not Telling, but I am not sure whether or not that will be the final title.  I'll have to see where the story takes me.  I think once The Case of Billy B is out and published, I'll do a book launch, probably in Arusha at The Blue Heron.  I might visit them and discuss the details when I take Tony through for his testing on Tuesday.  I'm just hoping that my proof copy arrives soon.  I hate waiting!  Okay, note to self, be more patient.
Had a major hassle last week as my website was down.  I eventually found out that the person who was hosting it, ran into some difficulties, so I spent the whole week figuring out how to get my old website up in the meantime.  That made me grey!  Anyway, I had to change the nameserver and IP address and then it worked.  Thank God!  But it took me close on a week to find out that that was what I had to do.  So the old website is pretty basic, but I'll start working on a more up to date one now and within a month or so will have that one up instead.  Hey, if you type in Fear, Phobias and Frozen Feet on Youtube, you'll find my little podcast video thingamebob I made.
Have a super duper weekend!

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