Thursday, June 30, 2011

One book finished, time to work on the next

This book took a lot longer than I thought it would, but inbetween doctors' appointments managed to get all the final edits and re-writes done. I have to thank Rob Stark, my editor, for the hard work he put into what is probably quite a 'girlie' book. How to Say No to Sex and other Survival Tips for the Suddenly Single is now available on Amazon Kindle. After completing the editing and re-writes, the biggest mission by far was working on getting the formatting right for Kindle and then changing it all again for Smashwords. I hate that MS Word thinks it knows more than you and tries to make all decisions for you. And even when you try and change their choices, it says its changed but the man uscript stays the same. Highly frustrating and almost laptop-flinging stuff.
Cape Town is great! I love being back even though it is the middle of winter here and you have very crappy days. There are too many temptations here though, all the good restaurants, movies, you can spend up a storm without too much difficulty.
Researching the family is taking up some of my time as well. My uncle reckons I'm a nosey parker and can't understand why the past fascinates me. It's not like I want to write a book on the family history or anything, but their lives are sort of intriguing.
This nagging cough of mine is getting quite depressing, as it's worse at night and keeps me awake when all I want to do is sleep. I have been to the doctor, am on antibiotics which don't seem to be doing too much. Siobhan and I have had a few doctor's appointments the past two weeks. I've decided not to fight medical insurance for the other op I need as with this cough, they won't be able to operate during this holiday anyway. I'm still debating whether or not to have the cancer gene test the oncologist wants me to have. Do I really want to know if I carry the cancer gene? There just seems to be something morally and ethically wrong about knowing. Maybe I'm just a coward.
I'm almost in THE ZONE to start planning my next novel. Am going for a funny humorous story this time. I have the title already, Meet u @ 8.
Great rugby on this weekend! Remember to cheer for the Stormers even if you don't know who they are~!
Have a great weekend!

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