Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Great Children's Book

  An interview with Jaime Rubio

"Sea Shells and Fish Tales! Is a project that was started with published writer/author J’aime Rubio and her two sons, Daniel & Carlos. She wanted to create a book where all three of them could incorporate art and poetry together. Illustrations were made by all three authors and writings within were a collaboration of all writers working together to create a book of poetry for children. The idea of coloring pages was a new one, thus making this book of children’s poetry stand alone as being quite unique."
                                                 Jaime Rubio on her books
When my children and I decided to write this book, it was an idea that we had talked about for a long time. In fact, the first poem “The Sea” was actually written with my youngest son Carlos when he was about five years old. It was a bedtime story that we created, imagining characters in the sea and making the words rhyme.
I loved it so much that I wrote it down and saved it. When the idea came back around about writing a book with my kids, that was the first poem I wanted to publish. My older son Daniel had written a poem and a short story about my niece Adelina, so I decided to add those to the book and also add my poem that I wrote for Charles Campbell, a dear friend and fellow writer when he was in a bad time in his life.
Once we had the writings then all we needed was illustrations. We worked diligently on the artwork together until we came up with the finished product, and the book was then made. This was a wonderful project that brought me even closer to my children, and showed me how talented and creative they are. I will cherish this book and the memories of making it for the rest of my life.
Other Books:
Dreaming Casually: Poetry of Love, Life and Loss
This was my first book. It contains a lot of poetry I have written over the past 15 years. Many of the poems are about love and heartache. After living, loving and losing in my life the poetry within this book really reflects on the journey’s I have made to this point.
Dreaming Casually II: Barrio Reflections
My second book contains poetry about growing up in the ghetto and the elements surrounding that type of life. It starts off showing the harsh realities of the ghetto, the hopes and dreams that even people in that element may have. Finally at the end of the book the poems are positive and uplifting showing that anyone can change the path they are on, and that there is no obstacle they cannot climb over. I really felt a sense of accomplishment writing this book and being able to close that chapter of my life with a feeling of completeness.


J'aime Rubio, Author said...

Thank you Cindy! You are the best!

Unknown said...

Cindy what a beautiful and thoughtful thing you did for Jamie. She is a wonderful person and poet and I am so happy to call her friend. May she have very much success with her children's book. It was a great idea and one in which her sons shared their talent as well.

Cindy Vine said...

Jaime is a great friend, she deserves support!