Thursday, May 24, 2012

Change your life

Let's be honest here, life can be hectic, crazy even.  We often go through it in a daze, following blindly, never believing we can make a difference.  We can lead a different life.  We just need to change our thinking.
Christine Agro has written a book called 50 Ways to live life consciously.
Please read the guest post by Christine.

Are You on The Unconscious Conveyor Belt of Life?
I dropped my son off at school this morning and as I was driving home I found myself thinking about consciousness. This isn’t unusual; I think about it all the time, but today, I was really focused on how unconscious we can be.

We don’t think we are unconscious, but it shows up in so many places and ways in our lives.
It shows up in what we think we know, or our response to situations. It shows up in what we believe to be true, or what we think we cannot do, or have or be.

We walk through our lives living in a dream state that has been crafted by the messages of others, the beliefs of our religion, our culture, our family, the media, governments and it is in the dream state that we are asleep, living an unconscious life.
We start to wake up when we question the information that informs our day-to-day life. It doesn’t have to be ‘wrong’ information, but it is simply the fact of thinking about it, of considering where the information comes from and choosing if it is true for you that wakes us up and moves us into conscious living.

I think often about recent movies that have shed light on this notion of our unconsciousness – The Matrix and Vanilla Sky come to mind. These movies linked our unconsciousness to machinery, but in our case, there is no machine, there is only our waking dream state.
Much of what is happening on the planet today is because of our unconsciousness. We have not stopped to think about resources, or the food we eat or the way we interact with each other. We have simply moved along on the unconscious conveyor belt of life.

The tricky thing about living unconsciously is that we really don’t know that we are, until we wake-up.
One of my students realized she lived unconsciously and it started with question the way in which she folded her towels. She routinely folded her towels the same way every time without thinking about it. When she stopped to question this, she realized she folded them this way because that’s how her mother had her fold the towels when she was little. Her mother folded them this way because that’s the only way they would fit in the linen closet. My student consciously decided to fold them a different a way, she also went a step further and broke out of the habit of only having white towels.

It may seem like a small thing, but this moment broke her out of her waking dream state. Our unconsciousness doesn’t have to be big, our growth comes in simply waking up to recognize that we are.
Christine Agro is an internationally recognized Clairvoyant, Inspirational Teacher, Metaphysical Expert and author of 50 Ways To Live Life Consciously. (Haldi Press March 2012)
Using her unique approach that combines her clairvoyance and her degree in Naturopathy, Christine offers a truly holistic overview of health, wellness, well-being and our Spiritual journey. Praised by grateful women, parents, and celebrity clients across the globe for her intuitive and extraordinary gifts as a healer, she has been hailed as “magical”, “transformational” and “inspiring.”
Christine has been featured in The New York Times, and dubbed 'a gift to moms' by Real Savvy Moms an award winning website for the former PBS syndicated TV show. She has been interviewed on radio shows around the world, quoted in health and consumer magazines and e-zines nationwide. She has written for Gaiam Life, and contributed to Messages From Spirit by Colette Baron-Reid (Hay House 2008).  Christine is also the creator of the Conscious Living Wisdom Cards and the founder and leader of the membership site The Conscious Living Guide ( Through The Conscious Living Guide Christine provides a place for like-minded people to connect and offers on-going support to those wishing to live life consciously. Members can participate in weekly meditations, mini-audio courses and a monthly on-line Q&A session.

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