Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's all about Head Space!

It's difficult to get anything done when you are not in the right frame of mind to do it.  Until you get into the right head space you will be hit by every possible distraction, distractions you would normally brush aside.  I reckon if I knew how to develop the right head space then I would make millions.  Unfortunately for me it's just something that is either there or it isn't.
Like now I should be working on my NaNoWriMo novel Hush Baby.  But besides writing a blog post, I am debating inside my head what I should make myself for breakfast.  Possible breakfasts are dominating my thoughts making even writing a simple blog post a challenge.  Then there is the new John Grisham novel I just started.  I keep wondering if I should read a bit before sitting at my laptop writing again.  It was very stupid to start reading a potentially gripping book when I am supposed to be trying to write one.
Writing during the week when you work full time is virtually impossible.  You have too many work-related issues zooming through your head that you can't even find an empty head space compartment.
But really it is all about discipline.  Making sure you set some quiet time aside where you can focus on nothing more than the story you are trying to write.  Those living with you need to know not to disturb you.  Of course this will be very difficult for them if you are viewed as the oracle, the person who has all the answers.
My best time to write is early in the morning over the weekend.  The neighbour's dogs are relatively quiet, probably exhausted from all the barking, yapping and howling they do all night long when you try to sleep.  And my 17 year old daughter likes to sleep in which is a bonus.  The minute she wakes up I save my work and shut my laptop.  There are some battles I choose not to fight.
But now all is quiet, there is a rooster crowing but that I can almost blot out, my head space should be good, I should be in the writing zone...But all I can think about is breakfast.  Guess I should make myself some.
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