Saturday, July 3, 2010

Who said that I sweat cash?

Someone out there has told my kids a lie, and when I find them, I might fling them off the top of Table Mountain.  Seriously, I do not sweat cash.  It does not come out of my pores or other body orifices.  It comes out of my bank account, which is currently breathing heavily and sweating profusely.  My kids seem to believe that I sweat cash.  This is obviously a nasty rumour started by somebody out to get me.  Let's go and see a movie - IT COSTS MONEY!  Which restaurant are we eating at - IT COSTS MONEY!  And of course the classic.  "My new second-hand couch is dusty.  Let's just buy a vacuum cleaner."  Kids really have no idea, do they?  The shit we have to eat, crap we have to put up with to get our monthly paycheck which they plan to spend as rapidly as possible. 
One would think that a year living in res and going to hotel school would have taught my son how to budget and the value of money.  No way.  Looking through his bank statements, he takes on average 1-4 days to spend his monthly allowance, and then is broke for the rest of the month.  And now, he's moved into an apartment.  God help us all!  I have to say, with two daughters and a son, girls definitely are better able to budget.
It's hard to believe this holiday is nearly over and I don't really feel as if I accomplished much.  I wanted to work on my new book, read a ton of books, relax and do some school prep for the new year.  I haven't managed to do any of those, rather spending my time driving from Hermanus to Cape Town and back.  Quickly catching up with family and friends, racing around getting stuff sorted for Tony, buying some school supplies, beads for my friend Marina, never actually spending enough time in one place to accomplish anything.  In a way, I'm eagerly anticipating our trip back.  At least I'll be sitting still in the driver's seat.
Next week I've promised myself a week of writing and reading.  No rushing anywhere.  I've already ransacked the store with all our boxes and got a car full of stuff to bring back to Tanzania.  At least, we'll have more of our clothes.  Wearing the same things every third day wore the clothes down completely.  Although Tony's apartment is set up, he still wants to stay with me until his classes start.  He obviously doesn't realise that the money sweating mechanism has been turned off permanently due to a malfunction from over-use.  It basically burnt out.
We'll be leaving here the 16th or so of July.  The plan is to drive to Bloemfontein, then Johannesburg, Messina, Beit Bridge into Zimbabwe.  Go to Masvingo and check out the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, up to Kariba, cross into Zambia, then cross into Malawi, along the lake, then into Tanzania and then home.  I reckon the whole trip should take about ten days.  We'll probably stay at more budget type places this time around, because of a greatly depleted cash supply  Any donations from a caring public would be welcome!
Have a great weekend! 

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