Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hectic, hectic, hectic!

Where has the time gone?  It's hard to believe that I've been back at work for nearly three weeks already.  I arrived back longing for Cape Town, but had to jump straight into the hectic end-of-term madness that occurs in every school.  Tempers are short, everybody is stressed and the Easter holiday is all that keeps one going. 
Somehow or other, my editor and I managed the final edits and Defective is now available on Amazon Kindle.  The print copy is still a way away.  This frees me up to work on How to Say NO to Sex and other Survival Tips for the Suddenly Single.  I've decided to take a short break from novels and compile some of the articles I wrote for Hubpages into a fun, easy-to-read self-help book which will be a combination of practical advice and general whackiness.  I'll be expanding on many of the articles and adding more material.  At the same time I'm working on a more serious self-help book called Redesigning Yourself for the Multi-tasking Generation, which I am co-writing with Jeremy Sherr, a world-renowned and highly-regarded homeopath who's dabbled into all kinds of alternative disciplines.
School for this quarter ends on Wednesday 6th April, and I'm already counting sleeps.  Besides a quick safari and a few nights at Turtle Bay at Waitamu in Kenya, I just want to chill at home and do some serious writing.  Well, that's my aim anyhow!  It all depends on if the power holds out.
Since I've been back the power has been worse than terrible going out either during the day, at night, or both.  And to make matters worse, my house seems to have an added problem which causes my power to go out every time the wind blows or it rains, while everybody else still has power.  Apparently, as the school electrician told me before he repaired my power problem by hitting the sparking box at the top of the pole with a long stick, the aluminium has a problem when it meets the copper and it causes a carbon build-up which he has to shake off either by wobbling the wires or hitting the box with a long stick.  Now as I said, I'm not an electrician, but this does not sound like a permanent solution to the problem, especially as its the rainy season.  Also, sparks, flames and smoke periodically coming from the box on the 4 metre pole outside my kitchen door is surely not normal and probably a danger.  But, the elctrician didn't seemed too fussed so maybe I shouldn't be as well.  Unfortunately, it does worry me, but luckily his stick waving got the power going so that I could watch my Stormers Rugby team chalk up another win!
Have a great week as we count down to the holidays!


Ernest said...

Nice to see you back Cindy. You are a dynamo!

Cindy Vine said...

Haha Ernest, spinning way out of control!