Monday, January 2, 2012

From Firefighter to Writer Part One

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you can either sink into depression and rue your rotten luck, or you can make the most of new opportunities.  Jimmy Gordon did just that.  An injury put his firefighting career on hold and he decided to use his recovery time and write a book.
It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you.....Jimmy Gordon, author of Dartboard.  Drum roll please.

Firefighter and paramedic-turned-author Jimmy (J.D.) Gordon was born and raised in Chicago where he developed a taste for the finer things that the Windy City has to offer - pan pizza, live blues and the Cubs. 

Jimmy dropped into the world of literature, literally. After falling off a train and breaking his knee Jimmy had to spend quite a bit of time recuperating. While visiting the firehouse his peers asked what he planned to with all that time away. This when Jimmy said the words that he now claims to have changed his life. "I should write a book."

Despite some skepticism from his peers ("You don't even use punctuation on your run reports!"), he completed a novel, Island Bound, and made it a point to use punctuation throughout.

Another injury, sustained on the job, ended his career in the fire service. Aside from writing Gordon spends his Spring and Summer as an umpire for high school and youth baseball. He now lives with his wife and children in Glen Ellyn IL, a suburb of Chicago.


Jimmy Gordon said...

Hello Folks, check out the full story tomorrow. Dartboard is actually my fifth novel since my days in the fire service.

Anonymous said...

You are the best! Truly an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I try, thanks!

Cindy Vine said...

Hey Jimmy, maybe your next novel can be a fictional account of who is killing Iranian scientists!

Anonymous said...

Well there's no mystery there Cindy:)

Cindy Vine said...

Haha you can make it up!