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Earning $50,000 from your writing

Ron Knight has been writing books for quite a while and is pretty successful.  This article appeared on his blog http://www.upauthors.com/earning-50000/  You can get a copy of his marketing guide for free.  What a bargain!


Earning $50,000

MCS24I know that many authors want to earn millions of dollars, but have you ever considered earning $50,000 a year? That’s enough freedom to make writing your career, pay all of your bills, take a few vacations, and even have enough money to invest in marketing and publishing.
How many readers will you need to earn $50,000 a year?
Your magic number is 1,000 loyal readers. The key word in that sentence of course is loyal. Those 1,000 readers must be reliable and dedicated to purchasing your books and ancillary products.
There are about 65 million people who read an average 5 hours per week, finish a book in about 10-14 days, and purchase 20-25 books a year.
What’s interesting about those numbers is that authors do not publish 25 books a year, so that means readers are purchasing books from 20-25 different authors each year. That gives you plenty of room to make money.
How much do those loyal fans need to spend each month?
Your second most important word in this blog is fan. This goes beyond the average reader. Instead, you have someone that is enthused about purchasing your books and products. Think about Hunger Games. The book is just one avenue of the sales. The ancillary products make millions, not to mention the movies.
~ Loyal fan spends $10 a month purchasing your books/products.
~ Your royalty/profits are $4.17 per month.
~ Yearly royalty/profits are $50.04.
~ 1,000 dedicated fans x $50.04 = $50,040 per year.
Can you imagine if you extended that to 5,000 fans, or 10,000 fans?
How do you earn $50 a year per dedicated fan?
If you release only one book per year this can be difficult. However, don’t push your creativity. Remember that you’re building a career, so that means you are writing several books the best you can while adding ancillary products each year.
Let’s say an author has 1,000 loyal fans and sells 5 eBooks, 2 printed books, along with ancillary products such as posters, t-shirts, wristbands, Tervis Tumbler cups, and a gift basket. That’s more than enough books/products to earn four bucks a month per reader.
And remember that these are loyal fans. They want whatever you have to offer!
How do you gain 1,000 loyal fans?
Of the 65 million readers, you just need 1,000 that really love your work and everything that you have to offer. But where do you find 1,000 loyal fans?
~ Cities that have the largest population of your target readers.
~ Ideal bookstores that have the best chance to sell your books.
~ Schools and universities that have the largest percentage of your ideal readers.
~ Libraries in your targeted cities.
~ Places where your target readers spend the most time.
~ Media outlets located in your ideal cities.
~ Book clubs that are loaded with your target readers, along with the contact information in each club.
~ Lists of regions around the world that have the largest percentage of your target readers.
Did you notice some key words in this list? Here they are:
~ Target Readers
~ Ideal
~ Best Chance
~ Largest Percentage
If you spend about $30-$50 a month on marketing, you can obtain a list of places where you can find the largest percentage of ideal readers and fans that you’ll have the best chance at selling your books and products.
Another option is that you can speculate on cities and book clubs around the world that will fit your needs, but it’s better to obtain a list which will save you time and money while putting you in a position to succeed and earn $50,000 a year.
Ron Knight
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